Judy Thomas, Tendrils, 2011
PEX, aluminum, vinyl, pantyhose, steel, rayon
Arsenal Center for the Arts, Watertown, MA

'Tendrils', a site-specific sculptural installation created by artist Judy Thomas, is an explosion of color, line and form.  The colorful tendrils unfurl and intertwine in curvilinear shapes that suggest a Dr. Seussian world of ribbons or musical notes.

 “Art, especially public art, can convey pure joy,” says Thomas. “The form and materials of this piece also bridge science, art, and culture.”

Conceptually, 'Tendrils' explores the symbiotic relationship of the natural world around us and re-addresses works by 20th century modern artists such as Kandinsky, Frank Stella, and Eva Hess, who incorporated the abstract forms found in nature with modern materials. 

 Simple industrial materials are used in the construction - plastic, nylon, vinyl and wire with a base of hollow plastic pipe for the curvilinear structure.  The plastic is then transformed by hand-wrapping each piece of tubing with colorfully dyed pantyhose.   

Incarnations of Judy Thomas' 'Tendrils' series have been shown at the Arsenal Center for the Arts,  The Shapiro Center at Brandeis University, The Saugerties Public Library,  Sideshow Gallery, Brick Gallery, and the Dorsky Museum